I attended a Partners In Building construction seminar last night and received further confirmation of what my new-home inspector has told me for years: Partners In Building is one of the best homebuilders in Austin in any price range. They build about 250 truly custom homes per year in Houston, Austin, north San Antonio and the hill country, as well as Nashville, primarily in the $700,000 to $1,350,000 price range. Their attention to detail, long-standing relationships with top notch contractors and lack of corner-cutting create a home as close as possible to what they like to call "commercial" residential construction. 

I like the fact that they do a large amount of business for a true custom homebuilder and for this reason they have excellent relationships with their contractors. This, along with their very experienced construction superintendents and a managment philosophy that focuses on you and your PIB homebuilding team, guarantees unsurpassed construction quality. And to make sure, they use third-party inspectors throughout the process, just like my inspector friend. He's one of the best in Austin with over 20 years experience and 15 years as a construction superintendent prior to becoming an inspector. Partners In Building just celebrated their 30-Year anniversary. Check them out at www.PartnersInBuilding.com