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I put 13225 Adonis Drive on the market this morning, a beautiful house with a saltwater pool in a quiet section of newer homes in northwest Austin. Round Rock ISD. Check it out in the featured listings on my home page, it's priced to sell. Hard to find good pool properties at this time of the year, especially in the mid 300's!

SOLD - August 13th. 

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I attended a Partners In Building construction seminar last night and received further confirmation of what my new-home inspector has told me for years: Partners In Building is one of the best homebuilders in Austin in any price range. They build about 250 truly custom homes per year in Houston, Austin, north San Antonio and the hill country, as well as Nashville, primarily in the $700,000 to $1,350,000 price range. Their attention to detail, long-standing relationships with top notch contractors and lack of corner-cutting create a home as close as possible to what they like to call "commercial" residential construction. 

I like the fact that they do a large amount of business for a true custom homebuilder and for this reason they have excellent

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This is my 21st year in Austin and it must be a great place to live because the time is flying! I've lived in several states and cities in the U.S. (including Chicago), but of all of them I consider Austin the easiest place to live. Of course the traffic over the years has made it a little less easy, hah! Still, Austin has a comfortable rhythm. Southern manners and cowboy charm, but high tech and vibrant. Austin is eccentric, casual and down to earth. It's the best city in the best state of the Union, but perhaps I'm biased. Below is a list of recent accolades Austin has received from online news and print media, recent studies and national opinion polls.


  • Austin ranks second on Forbes' List of Best Cities For Job Growth (Forbes, July
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The Austin real estate market is red hot as we all know - 2 months of inventory, 3000-plus people per month moving to town, and homebuilders struggling to pick up the pace and meet demand. Nice resale homes under $200,000 and priced right sell in days, if not hours. Homes in the 200s and 300s and 400s can sell just as fast depending on price, condition, and location.

As forgiving (and desperate) as buyers are in this intense seller's market, it's still possible to turn them off and have them walk away from your home! It's true that houses are selling for prices Austinites haven't seen since the Dot Com Boom, but have you noticed their awesome online photos? So many of the homes currently on the market look like model homes - both online and in person,

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Here are some interesting facts recently published by the National Association of Realtors concerning Texas home buyers and sellers: 

  • Characteristics of Home Buyers in Texas
  • 33% were first-time buyers, compared to 38% nationally, which is still at a suppressed level of the historical norm of 40%
  • The typical buyer was 43 years old, typical first-time buyer was 31 and the typical repeat buyer was 50
  • The 2012 median household income of buyers was $91,700. The median income was $67,800 for first-time buyers and $107,100 for repeat buyers
  • 71% of recent home buyers were married couples. Nationally, 66% were married couples - the highest share since 2001
  • Characteristics of Homes Purchased
  • Nationally, new home purchases
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The fact that US homeowners gained $2.2 trillion in equity during the year ending September 30 as home values rebounded was the "biggest story in American real estate in 2013," but it hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, columnist Ken Harney says.  

Harney says the gains are crucial because as more homeowners get out from underwater, they can sell without bringing money to the closing table, borrow against their homes to help pay for home improvements and other expenses, or refinance their mortgages. Source: 

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